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Koka Mama is a collection of maternity wear for women to love before, during and after pregnancy.

Maternity clothes: Koka Mama believes that mummies-to-be should look as beautiful as they feel, which is why our range of maternity wear is a selection of luxury wardrobe essentials to help you look fabulous, right up to your due date. Whether you’re looking for elegant dresses, fashion-forward silk and cotton blouses or Loro Piana cashmere, our online collections will not only keep you comfortable, but as fashionable as you always are. See more...

Maternity wear: Our chic maternity wear collection, makes it easy for you to find exactly the pieces you’re looking for, whether it’s pants, tops, blouses or dresses. Being a mummy doesn’t mean compromising your love of premium fashion, or how good it makes you feel.

Maternity clothing: We know how special a time pregnancy is for mummies-to-be and our luxury maternity wear is aimed at helping you look and feel fabulous, while always staying comfortable. See less...

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